Command Center

We offer our clients pioneering solutions to their Facility Management through our 24/7 Monitoring Services and high-end IoT technology.

Technology and expertise, allowing optimization of resources and highly focused on mid and long-term OPEX savings.

20-year experience in BPO and Customer Service team that focuses solely on optimizing your energy consumption uses to reduce Carbon Footprint, Operational and Labor costs for your business.

Elevating the facility management

experience to another level, leveraging the expertise of fully dedicated agents’ immediate response to Alerts and Emergencies on Physical Assets or Operational requirements, using
cloud-based BMS software

Assisting our clients

Assisting our clients through customized solutions and integrations, using our tools or yours, achieving CAPEX reductions of up to 20% and OPEX up to 70%.

Ensuring the success of our clients’

businesses and life of their assets through our Digital Security and 24/7 Surveillance services operated by our highly-qualified Expert Team

Promoting a stress-free

life through our Digital Facility Management handled by our Customer-Orientated team of technicians that are fully conscious of our clients’ pockets

Real-time Data Analysis and customer-oriented reporting. KPIs & Dashboards to help executives make quick decisions.

Vendor performance Monitoring.

Warranty monitoring and PPM – Preventive Planned Maintenance – control to extend the life of your assets.

World Class Digital Facility Management at 1/5th. of the price, focused on reducing operational expenses for our clients.

24/7 omnichannel tier 1 help-desk support, service ticket tracking, troubleshooting, and online support.

Digital Playbook for all processes and daily operational activities, with defined response time and SLAs.

Times reduction in costs with implementation and precise operation of FM Software


Of operating budgets are typically spent on Facility Management

Connected Asset Management

Access to view every asset connected to our Riptide tool allows us to manage the performance,
efficient usage and maintenance in order to maximize and extend the asset’s life.

Improve Air Quality and
employee comfort

Ensure proactive and
on-time maintenance


Extend the life of your

Increase energy efficiency and
make long term cost savings
Asset management planning and
usage reports on a daily, weekly
or monthly basis

Risk Analysis to prevent down-
time of your critical machinery

Follow ups made

Tickets operated

Seconds over the phone

Hours of coverage

Hours of training

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