Digital Facility Security Management

Digital Security Management


  • 24/7 CCTV Camera monitoring and event reporting
  • Access control event reporting
  • Badge access provisioning and deprovisioning
  • Emergency events protocol Playbook
  • Fire Alarm or intrusion alarm monitoring
  • Data Center alarm monitoring and reporting
  • Risk Intelligence monitoring with MitKat software



Mitigating Knowledge Age Threats

Security Risk Assessment

  • Threat Vulnerability Risk Assessment for site
  • Physical & Environmental
    Security Risk Assessment

Security Design and Project Management

  • Security design of
    greenfield or brownfield facilities as per the Organization’s Security Concept of Operations
  • Cost Optimization

Physical Security and Safety Audits

  • Security Audit and
  • Fire and Life-Safety
  • App-based Security
    and Safety tools
    and dashboards

SOC Design, Staffing and Intel Platform

  • Custom design for
    client requirements
  • Embedded Intelligence
    specialists and SOC
  • Risk Intel platform

SOC Services

Simple, SmartCloud Manage Building

SOC – Risk and Intelligence Monitoring Engine (RIME) and Mobile App

An AI-assisted search engine that enables SOC teams to conduct real-time OSINT monitoring of risk events across information sources & geographies.


Risk mitigation

Through custom-made security designs for each client based on their needs.  Expertise from your top of the line customers, with our cultural affinity and over 50+ years of experienced agents, it is the perfect combination.


Has opened new opportunities for remote operations. It is paramount that we evolve and expand our portfolio.  The world has changed and we have the opportunity to take it all.

Global security

Operation center for facilities with our SOC.  Cost effective solutions for our clients.


We provide

Round-the-clock monitoring for threats and the ability to engage immediately in incident response.  SD WAN security for our customers.  They need to feel protected and trust our operation.

What does it do?

  • AI-assisted platform that monitors events based on pre-determined risk parameters.
  • Real-time access to information by reducing the time lag which is typically taken by various agencies in collecting and processing information.
  • Multiple filters, features for customized
    information access.
  • User-friendly interface.

Value Proposition

  • RIME enables real-time monitoring, saving
    almost 30 minutes per update.
  • RIME can reduce the effort by command centrer
    resources significantly since manual search can
    be eliminated.
  • Inhouse development team with willingness to
    work collaboratively and incorporate Client’s

How is it different?

  • Unparalleled search depth with ability to track twitter as well as vernacular news sources. Other similar platforms do not have this level of integration.
  • Auto classification of risk events into category, levels, threshold (sentiment analysis) by inbuilt algorithms.
  • Geo-tagging of asset locations for assessing information relevancy and impact.
  • Feasibility to customize parameters according to Client’s internal procedures.